An AI agents operate automatically on their own and complete tasks for you

Still in development, but you can try it out now.

If the looping persists for more than 2 minutes, It typically indicates that the process is stuck and requires a restart. If you are ready, let’s start.


  1. GPT4 API is not available yet if you have it that would be great.
  2. The AI agent is not perfect, and it will make mistakes.
  3. You need an OPENAI API key to use this service.
  4. If you see an error message for auto-gpt.json create an empty file.

How to install

git clone -b stable
cd Auto-GPT
pip install -r requirements.txt

If you are using a virtual environment, make sure you are in the right one. If everything goes well, you should type the following command:

python -m autogpt

Ideally, you should see the following output: AutoGPT Screenshot

Learning Prompting Language

In NLP, prompting can take many forms, such as providing a sentence or phrase for a language model to complete, asking a question for a model to answer, or providing a piece of information for a model to use in generating text. By using prompts, the model is able to focus on specific aspects of the language and generate more accurate and relevant responses.

Here’s an example of how prompting for AutoGPT might work in a language generation task:

  • Define the task: First, you need to define the language generation task that you want the model to perform. For example, you might want the model to generate a summary of a news article.
  • Train the model: Train the AutoGPT model on a large corpus of text data using a pre-defined reward function. The reward function is designed to encourage the model to generate high-quality prompts that result in accurate and relevant summaries.
  • Provide a seed prompt: Provide a seed prompt to the model, which it will use to generate the rest of the summary. For example, you might provide the first sentence of the news article as the seed prompt.
  • Generate the summary: Based on the seed prompt and the learned reward function, the model will generate a summary that captures the essence of the news article.
  • Evaluate the output: Evaluate the generated summary to see if it meets the desired quality and accuracy standards. If not, you can retrain the model with different reward functions or adjust the prompt to improve the results.

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The future of the business is only one way: automate, automate and automate. It is nice to see that we are getting closer to that future every day especially for the AI field. Focusing on efficiency and productivity should be core of every organisation.

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If you want to customise your command line prompt to hide your name and your computer name, you can use the following command:

    export PS1='@ -> '