Less knowledge, More Confidence.

Business life is jungle. Today, it is nearly impossible to find out who is good and who is excellent. For me, there are two kind of professionals. The one who solve the problem, and the promoters.

Less knowledge, More Confidence.

If you have both, then you are the next-gen talent that every company likes to have.

Curious people, due to their personality they prefer to solve problem—their focus on solving not promoting. The promoter usually is weak to learn something new. They know how to make new friends. They need friends to support their actions. If you talk much, you have no time to create. Every promoter needs to have a creative person in professional life.

But what is the real reason that promoter get a promotion faster than you? Keep reading.

The Dunning-Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people wrongly overestimate their knowledge or ability in a specific area. This tends to occur because a lack of self-awareness prevents them from accurately assessing their own skills.

Here are some tips. I recommend improving your credibility in the company and building trust with your manager. I know you worked hard, and you would like to go home and rest. I am telling you managers methods to promote.Talk with people, make it easy to know you.

  • Do not run away, make it easy to contact you.
  • Build your reputation around your confidence not around the knowledge.
  • Choose a networking method purposefully; Events!
  • Inform them your success regularly or hide your failings.
  • Look professional, smiley and cheerful.
  • Use all your time to post comments.
  • Make your look like it has the answers someone is seeking.

Use your creativity to find opportunities, and use your effectiveness to create some time to promote. See as a problem that and find away. If you do not know, get a professional or partner. More comfortable, but it is an expensive way. That's why many companies have a budget to promote. Today our promotion is our part of jobs even it is a task for employees.

Yes, I prefer to have more knowledge than confidence. Let's have a case for your problem. I would use these steps below to solve any problem.

Problem Solving: Less doubt about yourself. Business is not about who knows more or who has more. Professional life is not science; it is about finding the right opportunity at the right time and having a deal with the right price.

Reasoning and Proof: Sensibly, you do believe that your efforts need to be recognised. The proof is no-one talks about you. If you have No data–supporter–connections–promotion, There are many good things to do for yourself. Staying in your corner and having your lunch alone – you do not feel alone but for others – is the best your pretty brain.

Communication: After 20 years in a dark room must be challenging to talk with people—a most difficult thing to transform me from being introvert to the extravert, not learning design, maths, Linux, automation or cloud computing. For me, It was adapting the new realities. Still, I like to be in my corner, and they are still expecting long speech. Watch actors and actresses or directors for learning body languages, how to use the language and having a good impression while you are talking. Please stay away from managers. Pick one of the halls of famous actors like 'Genious" Marlon Brando, as a director Ford Francis 'Wizard' Coppola.

Representation: Presentation is the process of presenting a topic to an audience. I am sure everyone can pick an issue but not the right audiences. Representation is gathering all the feedback and insight to reuse. If you have no data like I am doing in marketing, choose a limited audience and test your idea with a limited budget. Apply the basic of TaL – Test and Learn methodology. Talk about a topic, if they are not interested in, chance the location or the person.

Connections: You can make connections if you have attractions. If you do not have anything to offer them, then start to have an interest. If you are a good developer, suggest having coding-class. If you are a designer, design something for good. Offer your help to people.

Do you need any advice or suggestions?

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