Hi, I’m Erkan.

As a data science student, I aim to develop a strong foundation in mathematical and statistical concepts, programming languages such as Python and R, and machine learning algorithms. I aim to apply these skills to analyze complex datasets and generate meaningful insights to inform decision-making and drive innovation.

Additionally, I want to build my expertise in data visualization techniques to communicate findings clearly and concisely. I also seek to develop proficiency in cloud computing technologies such as AWS and Azure to efficiently manage and process large-scale datasets.

To achieve these objectives, I seek opportunities for hands-on experience in real-world data science projects, participate in hackathons and data science competitions, and continuously learn from the latest research and industry trends through online resources and networking with other data science professionals.

The goal is to pursue a Data Science career, leveraging my mathematics, statistics, and programming expertise, after an extended period in advertising. I possess self-motivation, a diligent work ethic, and enthusiasm. My ability to learn rapidly and collaborate effectively in a team and an independent setting is a strength.

I am a skilled communicator who excels at explaining intricate concepts. I am attentive and can execute tasks well, following instructions attentively. Additionally, I excel in problem-solving and possess the ingenuity to find solutions proactively.

I have the skill to manage expectations on complex subjects while working under pressure effectively, resulting from my ability to allocate time for deep thinking and reflection on the acquired information.

Engaging in deep thinking and contemplation about a particular topic or concept can enhance your ability to recall and access related knowledge when in a situation where you need it the most. This process of reflection helps to solidify the information in your memory and makes it more easily retrievable when you need to apply it.

Therefore, thinking and reflecting on important information is essential to ensure it is readily available and helpful when required. Take your time and consider multiple solutions. If you are motivated, you are more likely to succeed. Thinking about things makes it more likely that the knowledge will be more readily available when you need it most. When faced with a problem and needing to recall what we have learned, we truly realize the extent of our knowledge. Our learning journey is ongoing, and it is worrisome to assume that we have complete mastery over a topic and become overconfident.

My approach to learning

When you start to answer a question, you will find another question. It would be best if you responded to that question to find another question. Learning connects dots; in the end, you need another dot to connect. This process will continue until you find a solution. It depends on your curiosity, determination, resources and problem size. Small bites are better than big bites.

  • No distractions. Focus on the task at hand.
  • Start with a question that leads to an answer. Do not stop questioning.
  • Having more experience will help you to discover a creative way.
  • Complexity contains simple rules. You must build a complex system in more than one day.
  • Be confident about your goals. You are the one who can make it happen because it is your problem.
  • Keep exploring until you find a pattern. If you cannot find a pattern, you are not ready to find a solution.

You will learn more from your mistakes than from your success. If you are reading here for some reason, don’t let it stop you.

Failure builds character.

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If you are honest enough, you will find a way to fix your issues.