Probability Theory: Unlocking the World of Chance

In the world of mathematics, probability theory has a significant presence due to its application in myriad disciplines, from computer science to quantum physics, finance, and beyond. By the end of this blog post, you will appreciate and understand several critical aspects of probability theory, including how it is represented, calculated, and interpreted. Probability: A Measure of Uncertainty Let’s first appreciate that a probability is a number between 0 and 1, inclusive....

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UK Institutions | Data Scientist & Mathematician & Statistician & Computer Scientist

Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences link: Institute of Mathematics and its Applications link: Royal Statistical Society link: Alan Turing Institute link: London Mathematical Society link: Alliance for Data Science Professionals link:

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Zip-NeRF: Anti-Aliased Grid-Based Neural Radiance Fields

#Abstract Neural Radiance Field training can be accelerated through the use of grid-based representations in NeRF’s learned mapping from spatial coordinates to colors and volumetric density. However, these grid-based approaches lack an explicit understanding of scale and therefore often introduce aliasing, usually in the form of jaggies or missing scene content. Anti-aliasing has previously been addressed by mip-NeRF 360, which reasons about sub-volumes along a cone rather than points along a ray, but this approach is not natively compatible with current grid-based techniques....

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