An honest letter from Social Media Limited

An honest letter from Social Media Limited

Dear Users,

I am happy that you are with me all the time. I cannot be so successfull without your --lonely, deppressed and hopeless-- efforts. Just let you know that only thing that keeps you from being happy: believing that you are alone. There are 3.b people over there, according the research 47% are not happy.

Think positive. As you know business is other people's money. Social media is other people's hope. I know, you just want to be heard (5b posts a day) and valued(10$ per user). In near future, we will try to have more cloud computing to understand you better.

All the successful people in the world have reached that position by their own efforts, not with the help of others except you. My social homo sapiens, as you know homo sapiens are highly intelligent primates.

My 'wise man / woman'

You are very social, I am the awesome media.
That is our love story.
I love our story.
I love your story.
Her story
His story