Last stage of digital transformation - AI + Automation, etc.

There are always unprecedented times in history. Every difficulty leads you to innovations like internet, video streaming, bluetooth, etc. Technology improved last 50 years more than ever. But our society still resists to not change. If you are refusing to change the way you are doing then you will fail. You cannot solve any problem in your comfort zone. It’s not the time to think how to survive, it is right time how to reinvent.

Be open minded and find a solution or reinvent it. There is no other way. Have courage to fail. Learn from it and continue to improve it.

  1. Solve people’s problem (Idea)
  2. Adjust your organisation (Plan)
  3. Prepare your logistics (Execute)

And, collaborate with people.

This is not an end of business. It is the end of the beginning. Now we are in a new stage that some business needs more stability, precisness and accuracy. There are new jobs in the market that only a machine could work. Since the industrial revolutions human-power was the centre of the organisation. Now is time to adjust the market. Lately, I have discovered an AI company who works for advertising agency. They are focusing on copywriting text for marketeers. That’s quite impressive. A scientific method to create your content, using workflows to automate your process and re-targeting your audiences very quickly must be great. Real-time calculations, re-activating new content according the real-time analysis and making decisions swiftly. Nothing worry about spending your budget or your time inefficiently.

These days, basic requirements of a successful business are having speed, strength and precision. None of them could survive without having those. Remote works is one of good example to explain the reason behind of adaptability.