I think complexity contains simple rules however simplicity contains more complex rules.

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Understanding Benford's Law and its Application with Python

Introduction: Benford’s Law, also known as the First-Digit Law, is a statistical phenomenon that describes the frequency distribution of digits in many real-life datasets. It states that in certain naturally occurring sets of numerical data, the leading digits are not uniformly distributed, but instead, the digit “1” appears more frequently as the first digit, followed by a decreasing frequency for each subsequent digit. Benford’s Law has found applications in various fields, such as forensic accounting, fraud detection, and data analysis....

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Structure for Statistical Reports

Since numerous readers may only peruse the Introduction and Discussion sections, it is critical to organize the report in a way that allows them to quickly locate the areas of interest. The Results section can be seen as the crux of the report, while the Methods section is designed to explain how the results were obtained, and the Discussion provides your interpretation of the results. Some writers prefer to begin with the Results section before moving on to the Methods section....

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Auto-GPT: At Your Service

An AI agents operate automatically on their own and complete tasks for you Still in development, but you can try it out now. If the looping persists for more than 2 minutes, It typically indicates that the process is stuck and requires a restart. If you are ready, let’s start. Reminder GPT4 API is not available yet if you have it that would be great. The AI agent is not perfect, and it will make mistakes....

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Probability Theory: Unlocking the World of Chance

In the world of mathematics, probability theory has a significant presence due to its application in myriad disciplines, from computer science to quantum physics, finance, and beyond. By the end of this blog post, you will appreciate and understand several critical aspects of probability theory, including how it is represented, calculated, and interpreted. Probability: A Measure of Uncertainty Let’s first appreciate that a probability is a number between 0 and 1, inclusive....

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UK Institutions | Data Scientist & Mathematician & Statistician & Computer Scientist

Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences link: https://www.newton.ac.uk Institute of Mathematics and its Applications link: https://ima.org.uk Royal Statistical Society link: https://www.rss.org.uk Alan Turing Institute link: https://www.turing.ac.uk London Mathematical Society link: https://www.lms.ac.uk Alliance for Data Science Professionals link: https://www.alliancefordatascienceprofessionals.com

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